University of Maryland Lacrosse: Quick Facts

University of Maryland Lacrosse: Quick Facts

1. Lacrosse is Nearly 1000 Years Old
The origins of the sport of Lacrosse can be traced back to as early as 1100 AD where first Native American tribes played the game that eventually would become Lacrosse. Going by various names, from tribe to tribe, Native American Stickball would sometimes be used to settle disputes between tribes that would have otherwise resulted in war.

2. Lacrosse Wasn't Always as Popular as Today
Stickball (which would later become Lacrosse) would come under criticism for frequently devolving into violence as well as being part of pagan religions which missionaries sought to be removed. Despite this, Europeans would eventually adopt the sport and through altering, standardizing, and recording sets of rules, would become Lacrosse.

3. Lacrosse is Maryland's State Sport, but it Isn't Maryland's Only One
The State Sport of Maryland has been Lacrosse since 2004, serving as a testament to both the rich history of Lacrosse on the east coast as well as its contemporary popularity. However, Jousting--yes like on horseback--has been the state sport since 1962.

 4. The University of Maryland Has Been Playing Lacrosse Since 1895
The University of Maryland's history of Lacrosse started as a club, this lasted until 1924 with the debut of the Varsity team. Since then the University of Maryland has secured numerous national championship honors.

 5. Where to Get University of Maryland Lacrosse Gear
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